MentalFit and Mindset CoachingMentalFit and Mindset Coaching

MentalFit and Mindset Coaching and Mentoring in Jacksonville, FL

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MentalFit and Mindset Coaching

In This Training, You Will Learn The Following:

  • Understand the fundamentals around mental health, how to recognize when someone needs help, and clarify misconceptions
  • Learn the MentalFit Framework and how it applies to life through the development of a healthy Mental Health Hygiene Routine
  • Understand how to prioritize mental health for yourself, your clients, your staff, and the gym setting
  • Learn how to incorporate mental health into your business to offer a holistic coaching program

What To Expect In The Training Course

  • 7-Hour Course Includes Online Modules, Workbook and One 1:1 Mentoring Call With A MentalFit Team Expert
  • Business Support: Learn How To Incorporate Mental Health Into Your Business
  • Coaching Support: Learn How To Prioritize Mental Health In Your Coaching Program
  • Access Professional Client Resources To Help You Utilize Information With Clients
  • Learn The MentalFit Framework To Prioritize Mental Health For Yourself & Group Clients
  • Group Subscription (Team Training) Includes Four Subscriptions To Online Course (Must Go Through Training At The Same Time)

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