MentalFit FrameworkMentalFit Framework

Fitness Therapy Program in Jacksonville, FL

The MentalFit Framework

“The mind is the greatest tool for success or the biggest weapon for destruction”

The MentalFit framework utilizes a holistic outlook for mental health and wellness, rooted in 7 main pillars: exercise, nutrition, sleep, quiet time, socialization, time in nature, and joy/hobby. This approach emphasizes the mind-body connection and how mental and physical health must go hand-in-hand.

At TheraFit, we foster this mind-body strength to help you heal and regain autonomy in your life. Our clinicians embody both mental and physical fitness principles to assist you in creating a strong mind and body. We offer the option to combine traditional talk therapy with movement therapy through functional fitness, mindfulness practices, self-care goals, Rucking, and walking in nature. We seek to lead clients into a journey of self-awareness by connecting with their emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and unlocking their full potential.

To be MentalFit is to be secure, confident, free to be yourself, embracing true potential, and both mentally and physically healthy. It is an ongoing lifestyle, committed to growing and welcoming your best self.

It's Time to Ditch the Couch

Studies show that movement and getting outside helps in the healing process.  TheraFit offers Ecotherapy sessions where you and your therapist get moving, talking and enjoy some vitamin D.  Sessions include a peaceful stroll down our sidewalk up to a pond while discussing your goals and breathing in some fresh air.

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